Tuesday, February 1, 2011


   With a high of 0 degrees today and a low expected to be -30 it is just to cold to go outside. To cold to do anything so my thoughts start rambling. I have been looking for two posts of someone who made a small conservatory/terrarium/greenhouse out of windows - I think. However it may have been picture frames, just don't remember. Doesn't matter, some day I will run into again but until then I have been searching on the Internet looking for something similar to what I saw earlier. And I was really surprised - I found one made from picture frames on Southern Living and then to my dismay I found the same identical (I'll call it a terrarium) on about 20 more posts.  Same photo, same flowers in it same everything - not surprising, it was way cute. What surprised me is that the some 20 other posts the people took the credit for making it, several of those being fellow bloggers. That disappointed me, I know that copying something is the greatest form of flattery and I do it myself - aka I am looking for that post, however, I would never, ever, ever take credit for it being my work.
  So end of that thought. My other thought is how when I first started blogging I did it because some of the local gals did and I found it a great way to share my photos. I fell in love with so many blogs that I just couldn't keep up with them. I could spend hours reading and looking at other blogs. Many times I comment, most times I don't. I only post what I want when I want so I'm a boring blogger. But alas so many of the blogs have become, ads and I have lost a lot of pleasure looking at them. I under stand they have anywhere from 100 to thousands of followers and I imagine it brings it a nice tidy income. Just not as much fun I guess to surf through all the wonderful posts anymore.
   Facebook and Twitter seems to have taken over the blogging world also. I do think Facebook is a good way to keep up on current events - and hope to have my business up and going on it in the near future. At a recent meeting I went to they gave the same advice you see on many blogs. If you aren't going to keep it current - no one wants to read it. Guess I will need to get better at it, much better.
    So here comes the sun, can't wait for the cold snap to pass by, Februrary has always been one of my favorite months. It is short, had that beautiful Valentine's Day attached to it and for me one extra paid day off. Stay warm friends.

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Kelli said...

The sad part is that I hear many people don't really make that much off of ads, so they're cluttered for no reason. (Ok, except for pioneer woman and dooce)
I had ads for a bit but saw nothing so I took them down. Wasn't worth the clutter.


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