Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Making cards!

Oh sweet Valentine..........I think Valentine's Day must be one of my most favored days. Maybe it's because I Love Red, or I love, LOVE. I don't know but I never grow tired of celebrating February and the month of Love. One of my gal friends and I started playing with Valentine cards and it just has been so much fun.
We both made the same card with the same demensions and both came out looking so different.

Then we decided to make some just for the grannies. With the majority of them being boys we tried to get away from all the fluff. Can't wait to make some for the girls though. I saw someone use tulle on a card and I think that would be fun to try.

We are both just novice at this so maybe they aren't the greatest, and by far not as wonderful as I see on some of the blogs I stalk...I mean follow but they sure were fun to make.


beckyw said...

WAY to GO Deb! Love the cards! AND you shared the love with a friend.....awesome! :o)

Brandi said...

CUTE!!! My boys will love them!


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