Saturday, November 27, 2010

Waiting for the rug to dry!

What a stupid title I know, but it is what I am doing. Yesterday began the chore of taking down the fall decorations, cleaning and starting on Christmas/winter decor. As always I am overwhelmed. I don't know what frustrates me the most, having no room to decorate or having no room to store decorations. Anyway, does anyone else have a tiny home? What do you do? I would appreciate any tips that are out there. 
   I will admit my depression always sets in this time of year because I feel so limited, trapped, crowded....I don't even have enough words to describe the feelings of entrapment I get in the winter. During the spring, summer and fall months I just extend our home outside but brrrrrrrrr it is just too cold to do that. 
   So I woke up this morning and told myself - work with what you got. Be glad you have a snug little roof over your head and quit feeling sorry for yourself. So the fall decor is down; the rugs are cleaned and wet -- thought I would give them a little wash and Jeff is on his way home with one of 3 trees. I am giving up two of my trees this year, hopefully to allow more room for living. With our growing family now up to 15, we get a little squished, and then we all want our friends so let's add about 10 more and believe me the house fills up fast. 
  I know that it is just a matter of time when life won't be so full, and I just need to take a breath, enjoy the fullness of my life and - shucks, call Jeff and tell him to bring the other two trees.


The Clamors said...

Bring home the trees Pops! It always feels so warm at your house during the holidays. Don't skimp on decorating in order for more space. Who cares if we have to sit on laps! I do understand though Deb. Not only do I have "litle house syndrome" but I have "I hate renting syndrome" Some day though....right?

Avalon's Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...

Hi Debbie,
Love your New Holiday look, LOVE you Header, what Great photos!!

Did you say Overwhelmed ... well yeah!! I still haven't caught up with myself, still owe so many people visits... , Not finished Decorating although Almost....

You say Small House, I don't know what is Small to you, but my Garden Cottage is only 800 sq. ft., hence "Cottage"..... not McMansion ... hahaha
It does make storage tough, we or I should say; I, send things into the Attic via Hubby (because it's a hole in the cieling in the Furnace room,I can get up there , I just can't get back down ! )
and once things get put up there, it's like the disappearing void , never to be seen again! Because the older I get , I just forget after a year what I sent him up there with .... lol
Out of Sight Out of Mind, until one day .... What ever happened to ...... lol That's why it Looks like there's so much Stuff in my "Cottage", maybe if it were spread out it would look "Normal" ... hahaha

But Always Thankful for what I do Have, and the Roof over my head :~)
And Yes , Winter is Longggg, I often wonder in the Summer how the hell, I stay cooped in the house all Winter ??? Blogging helps :~)

Anyway, take the decorating a bit each day , You'll get it Done :~) and not to add any more pressure but when you're done we'd sure like to see what you've done.... lol
Enjoy ~


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