Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Special Buy

I never considered myself a collector, however pottery, plates, dinnerware......they all seem to be piling up in my cupboard. Being on a small budget I am not one of those people who can go out and buy a whole set of something at one time. Things have to come in small doses and well, they have to come cheap.

I fell in love with a set of dishes that belonged to my friend Becky, who died suddenly at the early age of 55. She has this wonderful set of 'corn' dishes and I just thought they were cute. Becky had an antique store and sold a mish mash of antiques, collectibles and the like. Recently they had an auction of all of her store items and I was fortunate enough to get a couple of her treasures.

This cookie jar was a steal at just $15.00 dollars. I wanted the tea set also but it was cracked and still went for a little more than I wanted to pay.

I think this is a casserole dish. Not really sure but that is what I am going to call it. Can't you just see  a table setting in late July or early August or heck all fall using these items?

Aren't they just so cute together. I just wanted to start using them right away so I have cookies in the oven right now and later this afternoon I am thinking a corn casserole would be nice for supper.

After looking on the Internet I decided I had better see if my corn pottery are original and yes, they are! I think I could really get into collecting, and I just saw some items on EBay so I am off to shop.


Brandi said...

You are baking cookies?!?! And a casserole?!?! Whoa Mama!!! Lol!

Avalon's Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...

Really so Adorable!
Nice Find, Enjoy ~

The Clamors said...

Yay Deb, that is wonderful!


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