Thursday, September 16, 2010


I love looking at blogs and more than not end up being a follower as there are so many, many wonderful blogs out there and I don't want to miss a one. I am not the best of bloggers, days go by before I get something posted and more likely than not it is because I took a picture of something that I wanted to share or something about a family member. My followers are few and far between but I treasure all of them and frequently stop by their blog to see what is up in their lives.   I was saddened when  I found that I have lost two followers in the past couple of weeks. Does anyone else pay attention to their followers? Some of the wonderful blogs I follow have thousands of friends checking out their sites and so people should because they are wonderful. But to my very few followers - thanks for sticking with me.


Avalon's Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...

I hear you ...., I too am not the best of bloggers. I don't always have the time. For me I have come to the conclusion that having a few good loyal Followers is actually Better :) It is so much easier to respond to say 15,20 Followers on a more personal level and "They" know that you are Aware of them , Than to be one, among Hundreds of Followers who the Blogger can't possibly keep up with & respond on a personal level.If someone leaves a comment , I try to respond. If Someone Followes , I Respond. It may take a couple of days ....hahaha. But I get there.
I guess the way I see it is, it's like going to visit someone at their house and if that person doesn't respond Eventually they stop coming :(
Then of coarse there's the matter of not posting often enough. That at least for me takes a lot of time. You have to take the pictures (remember to take the camera every where you go), load them into the computer ( me I'm running out of memory :( ) then to actually sit down long enough to write something
(I'm good at taking pictures, not writting )This Blogging thing takes alot of time ,work and to try not to take things too Seriously or personally. Peoples feelings can get hurt very easily with this blogging thing.
I'm still new to it, and am not sure yet how I feel about it.For me, I do the best I can, if people want to stop by and visit me ( and hopefully leave a comment or maybe Follow along,) I'm Thrilled.If not... What are you going to do.I'm luky if I have 40 Followers between 3 of the blogs I have, Some are repeat offenders ...hahaha. Out of those 40 I have made Friendships with maybe 6 or 7 people. That's new friends I've made ,and that's a good thing.
Boy I bet after this aren't you sorry you put this post up
I guess this Blogging thing is like trying to find you way in the dark ..... we each have to find our own way .....
After all That!! So sorry you lost your Followers, I'm Still here :)

And I bet your saying; Why couldn't she have just said that, and be done with it

Anyway have a good day :) Angel ~

Avalon's Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...
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beckyw said...

Love ya Deb, I will always be your follower! Have a great day!

Self Sagacity said... times, we all become too busy. Blogging is supposed to be for fun, but sometimes it doesn't feel that way because the only time you[general term, not specifically you] feel connected with your followers is when you post something and they comment. But try not to let it get to you, followers get busy too, and come around when we can. Have a great day.


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