Sunday, September 19, 2010

This little Lady Bug turned 4!

My youngest granddaughter - little bug that she is, just turned 4. Emma is the most precious little girl and she is so full of fun and life that I just love spending time with her. Aunt Brandi wanted to make her 4th birthday party so special so she bought her this little lady bug costume and then decorated with that theme.

Red, white and black were the colors of the party. Of course it all of us Husker fans really enjoyed that on a 'game day' to boot.

Emma's cousins and her brother helped to celebrate. 

Grandma couldn't find a lady bug cake and was short on time so we had one with flowers cuz we all know what lady bugs like.

The plates, cups and table cloth were filled with lady bugs.

Blowing out the candle and making a wish!

And then there were presents!!

And help from the cousins!


Happy Birthday Emma!!

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