Monday, May 3, 2010

Take Me Out To The ........... Garden!

My little greenhouse is just bursting with color and ready to be planted in the garden but looking at the forecast I think we had better spend a little more time inside.

No, I didn't plant all of these pretty blooming flowers, just a few, the rest I bought and now we are waiting, waiting, waiting, for some warmer weather.
 I like to shop early and get the plants just as they come into the store and then keep them in my little greenhouse. I have just a few things that I planted for myself as I procrastinated about getting seeds, dirt, etc.  However, whenever I am around a greenhouse I stop and shop and then bring them home for some TLC. Some I plant in large pots so they get a good start on the season.

I did plant some true blue Forget-me-nots as recommended by my blogging buddies after this post. Remember it? Not sad...just feeling blue!  I have all these beautiful almost blue flowers blooming but not any really blue, and thanks to many comments I found the true blue flower. Can't wait to see it blooming. They sure are looking good in the greenhouse.

Here they are my little blue fingers are just itching to get them into the ground. We will be good and wait for warmer weather. I promise!

Hope everyone is enjoying the spring days! Happy Gardening All!


Avalon's Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...

Everything in your little greenhouse looks Wonderful!! Don't feel bad , I don't start everything from seed.I have to choose between over winter my roses or start things from seed ?? Not enough room in my little greenhouse either, I suspect no matter what the size, it would not be big enough ... hahaha:)
Happy Gardening !

Patricia said...

I love all your pretty blooms, I have tried starting seeds but for some reason I can never get anything to grow. I think they need more time and care than I can give. Your pink petunias are gorgeous. Here in NC we are already planting in the garden. I have pink petunias similar to yours. Have a great week. Patricia

Jess -n- Jason -n- Crew said...

It is truly hard to be patient, but I am grateful that you didn't plant them yet -- I think the wind would have blown them all away today!

All the beauty will just have to wait a bit longer!!!!!

beckyw said...

Oh how I want a green house...... your flowers are looking so lovely! I can't wait to see your yard this year. You sure do inspire the rest of us!
Take Care!


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