Wednesday, September 9, 2009


And we're off!

Riders start to space out as we travel the pasture on the way to the Buttes.

Suz and Loretta - two of the gals from Lincoln

Pranksters were everywhere so if you didn't want your horse to have pink "toe nails" you needed to keep a close watch.

I have had so much fun the past two days on the trail with the APHA riders and our Fort Rob crew. The first day I didn't take my camera :( MY BAD!!) It was beautiful on the wood reserve and I could have gotten some awesome pictures of horses jumping the creek. I was riding Trevor's horse Joe and he is such a good little horse that he would have stood still for me. Today I rode Pistol and I loved riding him, however Pistol wasn't so amicable about just stopping and taking pictures plus a lot of the trail was single file and to stop in the middle meant I was holding others up. It was so beautiful up in the buttes and you could see for ever! Thanks to my boss Mike for letting me go, using his horses and taking care of all that saddling stuff!


beckyw said...

If I were to have a horse, it would be a paint! Soooooo glad you had a good time! LOVE the pics!

Debbie said...

Oh those paints are so pretty. My dream horse is nice Tobiano with perfect markings in the bay, brown or chestnut color. However if I were to come back as a horse I would be a Thoroughbred! They are so regal. I think however that Paints actually are a mix of Thoroughbread and Quarter Horse. I need to study that. Anyway it was a great time.

Brandi said...

If I were to have a horse, it wouldn't be a horse at all, it would be a "gonkey" and I would call him Jack! Glad you had a good time and your back held up for you!


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