Friday, August 21, 2009

Our trip to Sheridan

Damion, Daunee' and Schultz were wonderful hosts and we had such a good time. They had a trunk full of new toys and Jaxon and Adrianne didn't want to leave. Although Cash had seen his aunt and uncle before he had a chance to get to know them. We didn't get to sit in the hot tub and the kids were disappointed but they did get to play in the swing in the back yard. The little jumper that Daunee' is holding is a gift from Schultz (the weiner dog). He bought a sleeper to bring the baby home in and guess what? It had weiner dogs all over the sleeper!


beckyw said...

lOVE, LOVE THE PICS......You are so talented!

Rudloff5 said...

So glad u had a great trip! I cannot believe how much Damion looks like Jeremy and Greg. I haven't seen him in years. Cute pics!!


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