Wednesday, July 29, 2009


On Sat. Dave & Twila's little dog Maddie followed them to Kevin's wedding and was lost. Dave and Twi were so upset but didn't want to ruin the beautiful day for Kevin and Brenda. After making some calls they became a little hopeful, I guess a state worker had found Maddie just outside of town. The state worker then took her to Chadron (not sure why Chadron instead of Crawford), but they did, only to lose her again at Wal Mart. Dave and Twila were heart sick, they went to Chadron searching for their little dog. It was rainy and they began to lose faith that they would ever find her. Still they made flyer's, called the Friends of Pets; the police; dog pound and anyone they could think of to report their missing puppy. Well, it worked! Tonight they received a call that someone had seen the dog in Chadron on a certain street. The Vogl's rushed over and after walking the streets calling for her Maddie came running out. Isn't this just a wonderful story? I am so glad for the Vogl's, especially Dave as this dog just holds a special place in his heart. Welcome Home Maddie!


Misty said...

I love happy endings!

beckyw said...

Oh thank the LORD Maddie got found! I saw their ads, and was so upset for them! YEA!!!!!

Rudloff5 said...

That gave me goose bumps! I had heard the story up to the part where Maddie was at Walmart. She hadn't been found at that point. Glad they have her back!!


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