Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Looking out my window & talking to God

Ever have one of those days where you question your very exsitence? Today is that day for me. I have many beliefs, I believe that God put me on this world for a purpose but I don't know yet what that was, will any of us know our purpose until we see the Big Guy? That for everything bad that happens so won't good come of it, sometimes we don't see it or really, really have to look for it. Why when something bad happens to a person it seems like more trouble follows? And what can I give of myself to help those people out? Sometimes food, a card etc. just aren't good enough. Today I pray that God will give me some guidance on this issue. That destiny is formed by our actions; that we become the people that we are by the mistakes that we make - and hopefully learn from them; that sometimes, well heck a lot of times, I just don't have the answer. That almost every decision I have ever made was the wrong one, that not doing something is worse than doing it and it not being successful. I am impatient, God has all the answers and I want them all now. I know, I time all things will be answered. But God, could you give me a push in the right direction?


beckyw said...

I know what some of your purpose is.... to mentor us! You are fantastic with advice with my own issues... from my back, to gardening, to photography, to mom stuff. I thank the LORD that you are in my life!

The Clamors said...

I truly believe Deb that prayer is the most powerful, precious and promising gift we can give to any one. I have learned how powerful prayer is this year & I know I have told you some of my testimonies that have came from practicing prayer diligently. I understand that sometimes we wish we could DO MORE for someone, but I don't think there is a gift more precious than prayer. Only good comes from prayer.

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Boy have I been there. Sometimes I feel confident of what my purpose is. Then other days I'm not so sure and I have to wonder if I've yet to discover something that I'm supposed to be doing. I know that we all have many purposes, but I remember as a child just thinking that there was something so very important I was *supposed* to do. Being a mother fulfills that, yes. Being a rockin' wife, yes. But what else...who else is waiting for my love and support. Where have I failed to see someone hurting and someone totally lost and helpless.

Thank you for opening your heart and sharing the deepness.

~Shaye of Chadron


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