Sunday, March 8, 2009

Curls and Girls...Bruises and Boys

Oh the difference of boys and girls. Most of this weekend was girl time. Adrianne spent Friday and Sat. night with grandma and papa and Miss Emma stayed with her dad this weekend so she got to spend time at my house too. We played makeup, fixed our hair, got out the dolly stuff and watched Strawberry Shortcake over and over and get the idea. However Jaxon came over for a little while on Sat. night and Austin joined us after the wrestling tournament. Quiet time was over, out came the trucks, bikes and blocks. Emma ended up getting her curly little head slammed in the door and Adrianne had bloody knees by the time we were ready for bed. But we had so much fun and I love watching the cousins play. I watch Emma with the reserve nature just like her daddy, Adrianne has Jeremy's love of animals, Jaxon has Brandi's nurturing personality and Austin has his mother's social attributes. They just crack me up and I love spending time with them.

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