Saturday, February 28, 2009




Today I had my first really big day out of the house. First we went to the Crawford Jr. wrestling match. It was so exciting for us, Austin had his first pin and then he had his first 1st. place. And he did it with no tears, he just tucked in and wrestled. I was very proud of all of the Crawford kids, they did so well. I got to watch so many of our old day care kids.......when did they grow up so fast? Anyway they all did such a good job. I will try to get some photos posted of some of the matches. After the tournament I went to Melissa Siek's baby shower and then walked home from downtown. I wasn't done yet because Jeff and I went to the Frontier for Skip Chubb's going away party. I got to see a lot of people I hadn't seen in a long time. It was a great day!


Misty said...

Oh Debbie! I loved the pix of the tournament! My sappy pregnant self just cried and cried! Look how they have all grown up! Thanks for sharing! Love you!

Jess -n- Jason -n- Crew said...

Thanks for posting the pix, Deb. They all did such a good job!! Was great to see you -- we're so glad you are doing so well!!

beckyw said...

Debbie! Great to see ya up and runnin'! Can you send the pic of Andy winning the match against Trevor Lund? I don't think I got that one..... thanks a BUNCH!


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