Thursday, October 21, 2010

October madness or where I have been all month!!

Oh how fast time does fly, I just can't believe that Oct. is almost over. Only 10 more days until Halloween......zooie I just can't believe that. So I have been busy - on my most favorite month. I almost let it pass me by, or so it seems so here is what I have been up too.

 I have been tending this garden - it isn't an Oct. shot but it will show a little bit of what seems to keep me busy any time I am not chasing around with the kids and grannies. The pumpkin patch continues on behind those trees. I planted three areas with pumpkins - because I LoVe Pumpkins - and fall and orange, need I say more.

  Here are some of their beautiful blooms. Ouch as I look I see one of those rotten goat head weeds hiding amongst the beauty. Don't they have just gorgeous blooms.

And  I keep tending those pumpkins, praying that they get to maturity, not to soon, not to late.

 I took  a trip into the Hills to see some of the beautiful fall foliage we one of my best buds Becky. We had a great time even though I swear we drove clear through the whole state of SD.

We chased trains by Hill City and we stayed in this cute little cabin pictured below. It was a great get away even if we were lost most of the time.

The beauty of it all, well besides the beauty of the scenery is that Becky let me stop any place my little leaf peeping heart desired and I got a chance to photograph some of the pretty places along the way.

This is Spearfish Canyon and it was just at peak season when we drove through it.

So I also spent time watching my favorite sport ever - FOOTBALL! And making it even better was that my grandson was one of the players. Taylor is in the red - he caught that pass despite the strong defense of the Hot Springs player.

I also got to spend time with baby Lu. It would have been a much better trip if I hadn't gotten sicker than a dog - probably the sickest I have ever been in my life......... but despite that we got in a little pre-Halloween fun. Most of our family is going to get dressed up for Halloween.

Don't know if the kiddos are going to enjoy it as much as we do but I sure hope so. I hope when I leave this world my kids and grandkids will remember that grannie liked to have fun. Those are NOT my legs - aren't they cool looking?

Did I say that I watched some football - oh yeah I did but this is Austin's football not Taylor's. I also made it to one of Jaxon's soccer games but took pictures with his mom's camera so.... I don't have any. Boo Hoo.....come on Brandi share!

Then there were birthday parties - well one that is. Mr. Jaxon turned 5 and his mom sure did put on one fun party. Jaxon said it was the 'best' ever.

Baby brother Cash had a pretty good time too!

The cakes were yummy, even if grandpa threw a football in the middle of it. We were after the little ones to not throw the football around the table and then gramps got the ball and look out. Luckily it didn't damage it to much.

And then.........back to the pumpkin patch - I don't know how many hours I have spent in the pumpkin patch, but a lot. However I love, love, love it and even more, I love when the grandkiddos come to the patch. My other love is to watch kids play in the pumpkin patch and we had some wonderful visitors. Pre-school, Kindergarten, First and Second grades all took a bus trip to the patch. We also have other wonderful friends who support our efforts a the Patch and we so appreciate them bringing their kids over.

 I like to photograph my pumpkins too - several pumpkins grew through the rows of corn and gave my little photographic heart something to play with.

And then there were the photo shoots. My great nieces Kamden and Kendall came to the patch for pumpkins and a few photo shots. Kammie is just a natural poser and sometimes we get some good pictures...........and............

...........sometimes we don't. Kendal didn't care for even one thing in the patch. No, that isn't true she loved laughing at her mom and dad trying to get her to laugh - she just wasn't too thrilled about me taking the photos, or the straw, or the wagon, or the get the picture.

And then there's my Jaxon. He is a good little poser for grandma.

Little Miss Adrianne picked her favorite pumpkin when she came to the Patch with her class.

But first she drew it! She looks so intent on making the perfect pumpkin!

Here they are enjoying the wagon and more pumpkins.

Mrs. Miller has been bringing her classroom down to the Patch for several years. We love it when they visit.

Since uncle Damion and aunt Daunee' weren't here to get their pumpkins Austin wanted to pick out theirs. UMMMM he thought that Damion would love the butt crack pumpkin.

And then Cash just couldn't decide which pumpkin to pick so we looked and looked. 
"Maybe grandpa, maybe not!"

"Oh I think I see the one I want!"

"You don't think it is perfect?"

"YUP - I want THIS one!"

"AW the perfect pumpkin - it makes me happy!"

More photo shoots - The Wendland Family!! Don't they look great? I love the red and the Husker theme!

One of my very best and dearest friend's daughter, who has been fighting colon cancer - was declared 

It has been the best October EVER!

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