Thursday, January 15, 2009

Love to read your blogs!

I anxiously look at my blog first thing in the morning and again at night excited to read what everyone has been up to. I can't tell you how much I look forward to that. It's like keeping up with everyone and not having to pick up the phone and call. Not that I don't love talking to each and every one of you but who has time to do that? Every one's life is so full of riches and I so appreciate that they share it with me. Keep on blogging kiddo's!

Now for the day.......isn't the snow beautiful and to think it will be in the 50's this weekend! I made baked potato soup today for the girl's here at the Fort. The recipe was in the Clipper last week. YUM!! My friend Connie, one of the best cooks I know, sends in those recipes.

I made the executive decision not to travel to Lincoln for Anne's wedding and I am so sad. I helped to make some of her decorations; thank you cards and helped with her shower, not to mention love the kid, but my hubby thinks it would be stressful on my back (and he is right) driving to Lincoln on Friday and back home on Sunday and then up to Rapid City would be rough on it. I hate it when he is right and usually he is..........bummer. I think the wedding will be one of the prettiest with the baby blue, silver, and white snowflake theme. Well that is why they make cameras!! I pray that my friends understand.

Well its off to work..........


beckyw said...

Debbie, I am glad that you listened to you hubby and decided not to go. I am sure that Kay will understand... she is a great friend to you! Anyhow, glad you love the blogs, as I love to write them. It is like my very own magazine, which I can write freely and not give a damn what others think! YEA! We are praying for you on Monday..... HUgs.....

The Clamors said...

Nope Justin's not back to work. While being furloughed if the guys/gals are called for "extra" work they can either accept or decline. Of course everyone needs the moolah so they accept...which rumor has it that this will only prolong the guys being furloughed...who knows for sure though. So he's had 1 trip & dog-catched twice in the last 8-9 days, better than NOTHING I suppose.

Okay, so did you upload the pics. to Kodak yet? I was a little confused last night by the email. If not, that's no big deal, some people have to wait a YEAR before they get their pictures :):):):) I'll just keep checking my email Deb & plan to come over on Monday. You are in my prayers Deb. I sure do appreciate you!

Lisa said...

I love reading everyone's blogs, too! I need to get in the habit of blogging every day or so. But there's nothing exciting going on right now. Praying that your surgury goes well. Let me know if there's anything I can do.

Jess -n- Jason -n- Crew said...

You made the right decision to stay in the area. It's just not worth the pain and frustration -- I couldn't believe when I had my surgery how little movement it took to cause such a large amount of pain!!

Glad you like the blogs -- I am really addicted to it, too, and family and friends have all enjoyed it. Can't wait til CutestBlogOnTheBlock is back up, too!!

We will be praying for you Monday -- hope all goes well and you are up and going again soon. Take it easy for a while and let us know if you need anything! ANYTHING!


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