Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trick or Treat....

Jaxon was so excited to Trick Or Treat with his cousin Adrianne; They looked so cute marching down the street together. Adrianne was a little angel (of course) and she looked adorable in her little dress, slippers and crown. Jax wore his Frankenstein costume even though he really wanted to be Bat Man. Next year little man..........

Halloween night  was perfect, the moon was  up and shining and kids were running around everywhere trick or treating. Jaxon was so excited about me being Bat Man, even though I had to wear underpants over my clothes to play the part,  it was fun.  We flew around the yard and around the neighborhood until we were just so tired we couldn't go any more.  (Believe me only for one of my grannies would I have worn those clothes in public)

Talon and Jaxon had a blast together. Last year we pulled them in a wagon and helped them up the steps, but this year they did it all on their own. They ran and ran, trick or treating throughout the town. It was just great fun to watch. On the way we ran into many friends and family. We can't wait for next year. 

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