Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother's Day

It sure sounds like everyone was treated like a queen on Mother's Day! Mine was a flurry of busy. We served 320 people at the Fort Rob Mother's Day Buffet. The food was really good and mom's and grandmom's and kids ate for 1/2 price. We were very busy and I behaved myself and didn't buss any tables. Happy For That! When I got off work I was surprised that Brandi and Jaxon were at the station with Jeff. We went to the garden and Greg and I did a little planting while Jaxon rode is 4 wheeler and Brandi enjoyed the sunshine. Greg, the stinker, wouldn't tell me "Happy Mother's Day" cuz he was mad at me for not working in the garden all day, said I never told him I had to work. "Pish Posh" I say because I did tell him, he didn't listen. I have had to work the last 4 years on Mother's Day wonder what he thought would be different about this day. Silly Boy! By supper time I had been on my feet for 12 hours (with only a little back ache) so I was very happy for that but ready to set down. Damion and Daunee' gave me a call on their way home from Gillette where they had spent the day with Daunee's family. My first born forgot me, I guess he had such a busy weekend with graduation and Cherokee's family that he didn't have time to call. DARN! His labor was the hardest 24 days in hard labor; 2 trips to the delivery room, what is that boy thinking? So it is back to work and I am looking forward to the week and getting ready for the opening at the Fort. Remember everyone that next week is FREE park day. You don't need a permit to come out; you don't need a permit to fish; free jeep rides, free horse drawn tours, fishing derby from 9 - 12 for children 12 and under and a BBQ for only $4.00. Hope to see you all there.


beckyw said...

Your First born needs a spanking!
Sounds like a lovely day.....

Brandi said...

Your first born should be thrown out of the will, heck might as well throw the second one out too because he didn't tell you Happy Mother's Day. I guess that leaves me and Golden Boy! Keep in mind I live closer and spend more time with you! =) Glad Jax and I could spend part of the day with you!

Misty said...

What a pair of TOOLS! I'll give them a swift kick when I see them...they know better then that. Happy Mother's Day!!

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