Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I know everyone will think I am crazy but it IS my Friday. I have worked 10 days straight and some of them very long so I am excited to have a four day weekend. Damion and Daunee' are coming up to help with some landscape problems for Brandi and weeding problems for me. Hopefully Jeremy will let me have Adrianne for a sleep over on Thurs. night and she can go to Hemingford on Friday to play with Jaxon. He really enjoys company and since they are so close in age they absolutely get along beautifully, which means we can get more work done. Manny's room (that is my nick name for my new grandson) is coming along nicely. Brandi and Angie painted, Jeff and Shane laid the carpet, Jeff will tape it down on Friday. So now its just the fun stuff of decorating! Hopefully we will get the new/old horse out tonight and Jeremy and Jeff can take her for a spin. I bet Austin and Adrianne will want a ride too. Can't wait for Emma Jean to see her, she is a natural ridder and has been on a horse since she was just a few weeks old. Oh I have so many plans for the weekend. Hope everyone has a great one too.


Brandi said...

Tomorrow is my TGIF!!! I got all the baby room decor and bedding ordered so by this time next week we will be putting it all together! See you in a couple days!

beckyw said...

LOVE THE PICS, Debbie! Miss Nugget is a beautiful horse! We need a new one, ours didn't make it through the winter..... Have a great weekend! HUGS!

Misty said...

As your former, personal back cracker I am instructing you to TAKE IT EASY!! Don't run yourself crazy this weekend!! I know you'll be tempted! ;0) I want to sneak away and help decorate..

˙·٠♥PhAeDrA♥٠·˙ said...

Hey Bob!! Did you get Kamden's dance recital invite? If you can't make it, we understand but she wanted you to know when it was so you could come and watch her! She has another one in Crawford at the school on the 16th as well. I told Brandi that I know where Jaxon is going to want to be ALL summer, with HIS horse! Have a great weekend!!!

Rudloff5 said...

Enjoy your long weekend with family! Hope the weather holds out for you. :)

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