Friday, November 21, 2008

You can't hide chocolate from three year olds!

I had the greatest time last night. Jaxon and Kamden spent the evening with me while the girls celebrated Phaedra's birthday. Being the good grandma that I am (tee hee) I pulled out the bag of chocolates to intice the little ones to eat their dinner. Kamden was a trooper and ate most everything, however Jax was much to busy to eat, giving all of the animals, dolls etc. in the toy box flu shots and checking their teeth. Soooooo, Kamden got a piece of candy, but not Jax. He didn't really care about the concept 'if you don't eat your supper you don't get a piece of candy' and was a tad bit upset with me, so I told him the candy was all gone. HA! He crawls up on my lap looks me directly in my eye and says "Grandma Debbie....I can smell it". What a chocolate hound! Anyway the evening was spent watching the two of them play, their imagination is out of this world and Jeff and I laughed and laughed watching and playing with them. We also had to eat plates of 'chew' (whatever that was); get our flu shot and have the dentist fix our teeth; lost our power when we had our shoes removed (ok that was an idea I gave Jaxon while taking papa's shoes off one night when we were batman and Optumus Prime ..sp); run circles around the footstool on our imaginary track; bake cookies; wear pom poms on our head to look like clowns....and the list goes on. On these nights I am always grandma, even to Kamden who usually calls me 'aunt Bob' , and it is so funny to watch her come up with reasons to talk to me so she can call me grandma..kind of like when you use a cuss word that is legal. You know, when you repeat something that someone else said, so you can use the cuss word because they used it first. Anyway what a night we had! I LOVE being grandma.

P.S. Good luck Jaxon at the dentist office today and getting your flu shot!


Brandi said...

That's my boy!

The Clamors said...

How funny Deb! Just recently Preston has been using his "imagination", it is so halarious! I'm glad you had a great evening w/the kids & It sounds like you're an AWESOME grandma & uncle Bob. :)

˙·٠♥PhAeDrA♥٠·˙ said...

Thanks Bob for watching Kamden. She had so much fun with you guys...

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